The perfect app for flute practice

FlutePrac Makes Practice Easier

FlutePrac is the ideal partner for your flute practice. Place your iPad on a music stand, then run the app for your warm-up, scales and long notes.

Once it starts, you can leave your hands on your flute and:

  • Check your posture and embouchure on the screen while you play
  • Reinforce learning of notes played with positions on staff and ledger lines
  • Adjust pitch with feedback from a chromatic tuner
  • See the duration of each long note played
  • Track overall time spent in the practice session

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FlutePrac is an innovative iPad-only tool for your practice, and can be downloaded exclusively from the Apple App Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FlutePrac with other instruments?

  • The pitch detection algorithm used by FlutePrac is optimised for the tone and range of the flute, so will not work as well for other instruments, although you are welcome to try.

Why is FlutePrac only for iPad?

  • A tablet is ideal for positioning the camera on a music stand. The developer of FlutePrac has only the iPad tablet, so it was logical to support this tablet first.

What is FlutePrac's privacy policy?

  • Click here to read the privacy policy.

Who do I contact about FlutePrac?

  • If you have a query about FlutePrac, or an idea for a new feature, feel free to contact the developer: Andrew E Scott.