The truly simple timetable app

PointAPointB users reliably and calmly catch their trains

If you find yourself regularly running for a train, PointAPointB can help. Set your regular train stations, then start it up before you are looking to leave, and it will tell you which of the next few trains will get you to your destination station in time.

Features of the PointAPointB app include:

  • Opens immediately onto a screen showing the next few departures, with no need to navigate through multiple screens
  • Shows the times that those trains will arrive at their final destination station.
  • Automatically swaps to use the final destination station in the afternoon, when it's time to return home

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PointAPointB is the simplest way to ensure you get from your regular Point A to Point B on Melbourne's trains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PointAPointB if my regular trip involves changing trains, or catching a bus or train as well?

  • In order to keep the PointAPointB app as simple as possible, it supports only regular journeys that are along a single train line. It doesn't support changing from one train to another, and doesn't support other modes of travel like buses or trains.

Why is PointAPointB only for Android?

  • An iOS version of PointAPointB has also been developed. If there is sufficient interest, it may be released also. However, the developer currently uses an Android phone, so this is the current priority.

What is PointAPointB's privacy policy?

  • Click here to read the privacy policy.

Who do I contact about PointAPointB?

  • If you have a query about PointAPointB, or an idea for a new feature, feel free to contact the developer: Andrew E Scott.